Eczacıbaşı Profesyonel

Offers life saving products in hotel hygiene

“Since hygiene has top priority in operations engaged in health care tourism, Eczacıbaşı Professional products are life saving in that regard.” Umut Thermal Hotel Clinic&Spa applies modern treatment methods with natural resources, herbal mud and water and strongly emphasises hygiene in visitor satisfaction and quality service. Hotel management prefers Eczacıbaşı Professional brands in hygiene products and says that giving services in hygienic field is the cornerstone of quality service. Umut Thermal Hotel Clinic&Spa executive assistant Sengün Seda Bayrak said that Tana Professional and Maretem Professional products are life saving in the field of hotel management.

Can you tell us briefly about Umut Thermal Hotel Clinic&Spa?

Located in a very productive basin with regard to geothermal resources, Umut Thermal Hotel Clinic&Spa is in Denizli which was anciently defined as the city of water and thermal springs and is a leading thermal resort in terms of annual number of sunbaths. Our facility which gives service in an area called dervish thermal springs and mange bath offers 3 types of accommodation including deluxe hotel with luxury and comfortable facilities, Aegean houses in traditional Aegean architectural style and mountain houses built using all wooden material. Our thermal springs where modern treatment is provided through our natural resources including herbal mud and water offer all ways of relieving, purifying and refreshing.

What are your 2013 targets for the hotel?

Our primary target is to take our brand to a distinguished level both locally and abroad based on treatment, health and naturalness motto in 2013 with a professional management approach. For that purpose, Umut Open Air and Thermal Spa and Cure Centre, a facility integrated with Umut Thermal Hotel, will be built on a designated area of 70.000 sqm within the boundaries of the hotel which is home to natural resources. Umut Open Air and Thermal Spa and Cure Centre, to be built within Umut Thermal, will improve the traditional thermal bath understanding in Turkey to the level of modern thermal cure concept and will combine the thermal water and turbo mud received from natural resources in the field with open air sports facilities in order to become a thermal recreational facility in a natural environment.

Can you tell us about the quality policy in your hotel?

Our architectural project is being developed through both restoration and new investments. Existing areas are renewed by continuous landscaping. Hotel service areas are renovated in parts. In service training helps personnel have good-humoured manners. We are building a reliable working environment in line with the principle of openness in cooperation with our stakeholders, namely personnel, guests and suppliers

How do you define hygiene within quality policy?

Giving services in hygienic field is the cornerstone of quality service. More important is to ensure hygiene in production areas in the background. Combined with disinfection, hygienic environments are top priority for operations in health care tourism. Besides this, personal hygiene, food hygiene and hygiene in guest service equipment, sanitary areas and guest areas are important.

EWhat are your reasons for preferring Eczacıbaşı Professional?

A professional solution partner must be chosen in large operations consisting of several facilities. Based on this rule, we preferred Maratem Professional brand of Eczacıbaşı Professional as the solution partner closest to our quality policy.

Which products of Eczacıbaşı Professional do you use? Are you satisfied with them?

The eco-friendly special Green Care product range and Tana Professional brand save us in housekeeping surface cleaning. In other sections we prefer Maratem Professional products. Eczacıbaşı Professional products do not cause abrasion and sticking on surfaces, as proof of quality. Therefore, we are not in need of support from different brands. We have had no dissatisfaction with Eczacıbaşı Professional products.

Have you received training from Eczacıbaşı Professional?

In-service training is included in the annual training plan in any subject covering hotel service. On the other hand, within the framework of occupational safety we receive training support from Eczacıbaşı Professional at least four times a year related to floors, areas, laundry, kitchen and personal hygiene.