Hotels Are Getting Greener With Eczacıbaşı Professional

Eczacıbaşı Professional, a leading company in away from home consumption sector, offers hygienic solutions and a range of food varieties for the cleaning and care of hotels, restaurants, cafes, offices, hospitals, schools, shopping centers and corporations and provides service with specialised brands and sales team.

Eczacıbaşı Professional closely follows technological advancements and aims to provide savings by using the most advanced technology in every stage of production. Besides, it provides savings during raw material supply, production, product development and product use phases.

Away from home consumption sector in Turkey is increasing day by day with the help of positive developments in our economy. As sector grows, operations start working with advanced technologies in order to create high added value.

Cleaning and care of the advanced technology products used by the operations is particularly portant. Eczacıbaşı Professional gives support to operations so that they can ensure the highest cleaning and hygiene standards in advanced technology areas.

Eczacıbaşı Professional carries out intense R&D work and includes in its portfolio concentrated products that deliver premium cleaning performance and saving. These concentrated products allow savings for the operations and are also technological products because they are applied by pumping. Particularly Maratem m-pro system products that meet all cleaning and hygiene requirements of hotel rooms allow taking chemical product consumption and costs under control. Maratem m-pro system products deliver permanent and effective results with their active formulas. Products show high performance with hard waters thanks to their modern formula and leave a lasting and pleasant scent in the environments.