Kitchen Notes September

Located at the top of Demirören Mall, Mama Shelter had a very colorful summer with terrace parties and evening meetings. New menu preparations are done for autumn. We had a look at the kitchen with Murat Artukmaç, Mama Shelter’s chief who has been working with Michelin-starred kitchen advisor Jerôme Banctel.

How did Mama Shelter spend its first season?

The new concept that Mama Shelter brought to the city was interesting for everyone. The team, the design and the food concept that make you feel at home no matter which Mama Shelter you are in also exist here in this Mama. Both hotel occupancy and the restaurant as well as the DJ performance were successful.Our Rooftop terrace which opened at the beginning of summer, viewing İstanbul at 360 degrees drew much interest.

What kind of experience was it for you to work with the Michelin-starred kitchen advisor Jerôme Banctel? How do you compare it to the kitchen discipline and working style in Turkey?

We have been working with Jerôme Banctel for three years. He made important contributions to me both technically and philosophically. Alain Senderens’ kitchen where he works as the chief is like a school, there are very successful chiefs in many countries who were trained in that kitchen. In Turkey when cooks are promoted to higher positions, they start to stay away from work and they believe that they can let themselves free when they become chiefs. Actually it is just the opposite. When you become chief you have to work more than the team and gain respect with your hard work. This is the most important rule of having discipline in the kitchen.

Menüyü oluştururken Türk yemekleri konusunda siz mi yönlendiriyorsunuz?

Do you give directions related to Turkish meals when preparing the menu?Do you progress by preparing the meals in the kitchen and changing the recipes? Do you ever taste food at typical tradesmen restaurants or at places where modern Turkish cuisine is served?

When preparing the menu we worked with Jerôme Banctel in Paris, Marseille and İstanbul and we obtained ideas especially from the restaurants where classical Turkish food was served. We adhere to classical recipes and sometimes we add our own style to the technique.

What are your specials for autumn and winter?

Boeuf Bourguignon, calf Parmentier and dry bean. Mama Shelter has a kitchen dominated by French and Turkish tastes.

What are your favorites in the menu?

My favorites are calf marrow and Boeuf Bourguignon, and Kulfi as dessert.

What is the signature meal of Mama Shelter? Which meal must certainly be tasted?

Boeuf Bourguignon. A very old recipe by Alain Senderens and there is serious workmanship in the production phase.

We know that you place much emphasis on hygiene during meal preparation and that you are sensitive about it. What kind of measures do you take?

I care for our steward team. Hygiene is very important for us from top to bottom. We care for using in the best way quality and reliable products that provide maximum hygiene in the place. We care for training related to the use of products and provide regular training to raise hygiene awareness of our employees. In lavatories and kitchens we prefer paper products with dispensers that are both more economical and more hygienic. We also prefer antibacterial cleaning products.

Will you have live DJ performance in winter as well? What are you plans for new season in Mama Shelter?

Mama Shelter’da yeni sezon için planlarınız neler?

Live DJ performance will continue during winter on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Our menu is frequently renewed and now is getting ready for winter.