We spend 16 billion dollars away from home

As shopping centres became widespread and touristic activities increased, away from home consumption grew 15 percent from 14 billion dollars to 16 billion.

Eczacıbaşı Consumption Products Group President Hakan Uyanık said Eczacıbaşı Professional is among the leading producers and suppliers of away from home consumption sector in Turkey and continued, “In Turkey the increasing number of households, the number of malls quadrupling in 10 years to reach 300 shopping centres and 32 million tourists helped increase away from home consumption market to 16 billion dollars”.

Hakan Uyanık said that growth in away from home consumption market is largely dominated by the changing preferences in national and international arena.

Target is 30% growth

Hakan Uyanık said, “away from home sector is defined as one of the important growth areas for Eczacıbaşı Group. Our growth in this area will continue in the future. We are planning to close 2013 with 30 percent growth”.

17 brands, 600 products

Eczacıbaşı Professional General Manager Yeşim Roth gave information about the works and targets of Eczacıbaşı Professional and said they have been providing complete solutions in the field of professional cleaning, hygiene and food products to many different points of away from home consumption.Roth noted that Eczacıbaşı Professional operates with three factories in Gebze, Yalova and Manisa and that they have been serving with 17 brands and over 600 product varieties in the main group. Roth stated that Eczacıbaşı Professional is serving 10 thousand operations.

Figures of away from home consumption sector

-  Global away from home consumption market: 2.3 trillion dollars

-  Turkish away from home consumption market: 16 billion dollars

-  Food, cleaning and beverage expenses in Turkey: 75 billion dollars

-  Share of food and beverage sector in gross national income: 10 billion dollars