Eczacıbaşı Profesyonel E-Learning Program Improves Quality Workforce

Eczacıbaşı Profesyonel, the leading brand of away from home industry, contributes to the development of professionals  with E-Learning Program prepared for enterprises. Eczacıbaşı Profesyonel, which allows industry professionals to receive online education and raise their awareness with the “E-Learning Program” which started last year, also teaches savings methods on the platform. Eczacıbaşı Profesyonel, which operates in the away from home industry, continues to provide consultancy services and trainings for enterprises with EP Akademi. Offering its trainings on an online platform, Eczacıbaşı Profesyonel provides away from home  industry employees with the opportunity to expand their expertise with the E-Learning Program. All industry employees who are responsible for ensuring the cleaning and hygiene standards at professional enterprises such as hotels, restaurants, catering companies, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, and laundry facilities can benefit from E-Learning Program. Hygiene and saving training in four different topics E-Learning Program consists of basic information, surface cleaning, kitchen hygiene, and laundry hygiene categories. Basic information includes information about key issues that everyone in the professional cleaning industry should know, such as the safe use of chemicals and the importance of water. Surface hygiene includes topics such as main surface and floor types, product types that can be used in the cleaning and maintenance of surfaces, room and sanitary area cleaning. Kitchen hygiene and laundry hygiene includes the points to be taken into consideration to ensure controlled hygiene in industrial kitchens and laundries. Tests are performed after training The program which is open for all industry professionals via internet provides industry employees with constant career development opportunity with its training modules that fit different needs. The program also aims to provide speed and cost savings to companies with basic information and standards on cleaning and hygiene. While the awareness of employees increases, service quality improves too. The program enriches the values of industry professionals. E-Learning Program that allows participants to easily test the information they have gained after training, also helps experts obtain information on subjects beyond their needs thanks to its rich content. Eczacıbaşı Profesyonel E-Learning Program can be easily accessed via or on computers, tablets, or mobile devices.