Wave Dispenser Series Continues to Expand

Selpak Professional, one of the strongest brands of away from home industry , offers different usage options with its new dispensers included in the Wave series. V Fold Toilet Paper and Z Fold Towel can be used with the dual-chamber dispenser. Besides, V Fold Toilet Paper can be used with the single-chamber dispenser.  Selpak Professional , which provides an effective solution to the needs of companies, continues to provide convenience with its new and innovative products. Selpak Professional, one of the leader brand of professional tissue  paper category, offers new economical solutions. The new dual-chamber dispenser which was added to Selpak Professional  Wave dispenser family enables the use of both V fold toilet paper and Z fold towel paper in one product. The single-chamber dispenser option also draws attention with its stylish design in V Fold Toilet Paper use. Both dispensers provide a saving for companies as they give out one sheet of paper at a time. Ergonomic option The new member of the Wave Dispenser family provides convenience for companies with its ergonomic use. The dispenser, which is used as V fold toilet paper in busy companies thanks to its special design, facilitates refill and prevents paper waste. Thanks to the dispenser mechanism, each toilet paper allows the next one to come out. The new member of the Wave family, which turns into a Z fold towel dispenser with the removal of a single separator in the chamber, provides a wide variety of uses. Thus, Selpak Professional offers an alternative product that suits both needs of companies.